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Business intelligence, "big data" is changing our world. The dissemination of nearly all information in digital form, the proliferation of sensors, breakthroughs in machine learning and visualization, and dramatic improvements in cost, bandwidth, and scalability are combining to create enormous opportunity. The field also presents enormous challenges, thanks to the relentless increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of information ripe for mining and analysis.

Our research and development involves extracting knowledge from Big Data scenes in a high respectable integrity manner, we sign up to non-disclosure of information and we ensure highly classified client’s information is safeguarded. Our businesses today demand for trust worthy operations, requiring  human experts who deeply understands application domains as well as a growing ecosystem of complex distributed systems and advanced statistical methods.

The majority of our time is spent scaling and optimizing the relatively basic data manipulation tasks in preparation for the actual statistical analysis or machine learning stages, by identifying relevant data, cleaning, filtering, joining, grouping, transforming, extracting features, and evaluating results.

Our Computer Science & Engineering team has a set of projects that focus on Big Data Management and the related challenges. The most relevant projects include:

Kenya Communities in the Diaspora: Since 2008, the Diaspora DB group has established a continued and fruitful collaboration with International Solutions in the project. Diaspora is an exemplar Big Data science with an array of fascinating challenges with high potential impact. The database group is also an important participant in the country through which we collaborate with multiple other domains of networks across the globe.

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